What Makes Malaria So Hard to Fight?

Malaria is one of the oldest diseases in human history, dating back to ancient civilizations in Greece and China. It has even been attributed to aiding the fall of the Roman Empire.

So if we’ve been fighting malaria for so long, why haven’t we been able to stop it?
SICK is a new series that looks at how diseases actually work inside our body. We’ll be visiting medical centers and talking to top researchers and doctors to uncover the mysteries of viruses, bacteria, fungi and our own immune system. Come back every Tuesday for a new episode and let us know in the comments which diseases you think we should cover next.

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Unraveling the 3D genome of human malaria parasites.

Malaria parasite transforms itself to hide from human immune system

Malaria parasite transforms itself to hide from human immune system

Malaria and the liver: Immunological hide-and-seek or subversion of immunity from within?

Le Roch Malaria Lab at University of California, Riverside

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