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Criminal reform: Why wake-up calls are windows of opportunity | Bishop Omar Jahwar

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Here’s how we can use the concept of ‘impact impression’ for criminal reform.

– In his work in criminal reform, Bishop Omar Jahwar recounts how a person’s life trajectory can typically be traced back to a moment of trauma or an ‘impact impression’.

– An impact impression has two outcomes: It can be an awakening that steers people in a positive direction where they seek help, or it can become a negative spiral that lands them in prison. In the latter case, supporting people in undoing the damage and mental scars they’ve incurred from such impact impressions can help reduce recidivism.

Bishop Omar Jahwar is a Pastor and internationally renowned community leader dedicated to ending senseless violence, strengthening communities and promoting strong families. His efforts to revive Urban Culture began over 20 years ago on the streets of Dallas, TX.

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