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Activate your science-fiction mindset and change the world | Ann Rosenberg | TEDxJohannesburg

For the first time in history, many of the craziest technologies imaginable — blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence — are now actually implementable. Originating out of Silicon Valley, and now spreading rapidly around the world, the current wave of innovation has given humanity unprecedented powers. But is there a deeper purpose behind our creations, and what in the world shall we do with them? Ann Rosenberg makes the point that backed by the super-powers that technology has given us, and if we work within the right frameworks, we have a unique opportunity in history to do good things, and make the right impact. Still, Ann feels that to progress to the next levels of this upward trajectory, we’ll need a lot more of something that we already possess in abundance: imagination … Enter science fiction thinking. With this mindset, it becomes easier to reframe our perspective of the world, and create space to question even our deepest held assumptions. With that, humanity can do anything. Even change the world. Ann Rosenberg leads SAP Next-Gen, a purpose driven innovation university and community aligned with SAP’s commitment to the 17 UN SDGs, and supporting SAP’s customers across 32 industries in over 180 countries. The community leverages over 3 600 educational institutions in 116 countries, over 110 labs and hubs at universities and partner locations, over 90 SAP Next-Gen Chapters, as well as startups, accelerators, venture firms, futurists, and purpose driven institutions. The community also leverages SAP’s 100+ innovation centres and SAP’s network of 17 000+ partner companies. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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